Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Final Laps

There have been some major strides in the last few weeks. There has been some pain, some confusion, some frustration and some doubt. But, it looks like all the pieces came together in the way that I imagined them. You can take a look at the results at the following links:

Audience analysis program flowchart
Presentation of audience analysis material
Audience analysis assessment program

I had to ditch some of the more interesting features of the program (the persona buider) due to time constraints. I still think it would be a valuable part of this instruction and could be added later due to the modular nature of the program.

One thing before you go...early testing has indicated that the program requires Flash 8. Many bad things have happened with people (on PCs and Macs) who have tried to run it with earlier versions. If you're running the latest version, enjoy!